Post Construction Clean

All walls and ceilings wiped with a statically charged microfibre flat mop to remove fine dust that has attached itself.
All surfaces and ledges, high and low are vacuumed to collect all dust deposits.
This includes all high objects and ledges, such as cathedral ceiling fans, etc.
After being vacuumed, all surfaces are wiped with a damp microfibre cloth to remove any remaining fine dust residue.

All fixtures (showers, tubs, sinks, toilets, etc.) are vacuumed, damp wiped and dried.
All ceramic tiled walls are wiped with a specialized product to eliminate grout grit and grout haze.
Any built-in cabinetry or drawer units taken apart if possible to be pre-vacuumed and damp wiped.

All built-in cabinetry and drawer units taken apart if possible to be pre-vacuumed and damp wiped.
All protective plastic taken off new appliances, and old appliances can be cleaned inside and out.

All windows completely pre-vacuumed and damp wiped (this includes opening them and vacuuming the tracks if weather permits).All unsightly window stickers taken off the windows using razor scrapers.
All glass window panes cleaned on the inside and outside pane (outside only if weather and safety permits).

Carpeted floors get a thorough vacuum, and in extreme cases may need to be hot water extracted.
Ceramic floors get a thorough vacuum, and then a good mopping. In extreme cases the ceramic floor may need to be wet scrubbed with a floor machine.

Hardwood, laminate and other wood-type flooring gets a thorough vacuum, a good mopping and then will be dried with a microfibre flat mop to reduce the chance of the floor looking streaky after it air dries.